Filmmaker . Videographer . content creator

Maternal Health Care Project

(Content Creator) I created a variety of videos that helped with advertising the survey for the maternal healthcare project, which can be seen at NCbirthjourneys.org. This project aims to help birthing parents get better maternal care in North Carolina. We try to do that by collecting stories from others. These spots have helped in the recruitment of birthing parents to take the survey. 

no walk in the park

(Producer) Student Emmy Winning short film “No Walk in the Park. A silent film that features two mimes trying to get by while new performance techniques grab everyone else’s eyes. Only when they work together can they steal the show. 

That old familiar spirit

(Unit Production Manager) A short film with a creepy western aesthetic that discusses the difficulties of letting go, and what haunts you when you don’t. 

Robin Hoodwyn

(Director) A short web series called “Robin Hoodwyn.” The series acts as a gender swap live action “Robin Hood” but as if it were a vlog! The link to the whole series is below. Episode one is featured to the right.  



Once I was a beehive

(Marketing Intern) A feature length film that shows young girls and their experiences at a summer church camp. In this position I assisted in creating content for distribution and marketing of the film in the post-production phase. 


Content creation

This section consists of some of the visual design of content packets I have made with non-profit organizations or grants.